"The app wasn't found in the list of installed apps"

I am using the IntentLauncherAndroid from here https://docs.expo.io/versions/v19.0.0/sdk/intent-launcher.html to redirect to the app’s system settings from my RN app.

This is my code:


However, after building the apk using exp build:android and installing it on my phone, when I tap the button that executes the code above, it tries to take me to some system setting, but in less than a second, reverts back to my app screen saying “The app wasn’t found in the list of installed apps”.

I am able to see my app in the list of apps on my phone though. How do I debug this?

Which SDK version are you building for?

I have this in my app.json:

"sdkVersion": "26.0.0"

Does that answer your query? If not, please let me know what I can check to find out the target SDK version.

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