Thanks to Expo. Please check two issues!

Hi. Expo corps. It has already been 3 months since I knew expo and write some stuffs here. I am really happy that I am almost done with publishing my app to app store and android playstore. I’ve done almost every functionalities done except 2 bugs.

  1. GoogleSignin is not working properly in real device.
  2. Firebase storage upload the blob thing is not working which I posted earlier and still not solved.

I really don’t want to detach from expo to work with React-Native link library like RNFetchBlob.
I want to keep going on with expo for my current app and service.
I really love you guys and thank you so much for replying my dirty questions so nicely.

I hope expo is paid from Facebook or somewhere and develop this project successfully.
This is best hybrid xde I’ve ever experienced beside it is from react-native.

By the way, I really want to know from you when the Blob thing or when will you include library like RNFetchBlob to expo so I can work with firebase storage?

Thank you again.

By hyochan.


Hi, it looks like maybe blob support was finally added to React Native in 0.48, which we’ll be adding in a near-term SDK (but we don’t support yet).

[very late edit-- seems like that was only one of a couple PRs required for blob support, the rest of it’s not there yet. :confused: ]

Can you provide more information about the issue you’re having with Google sign in?

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It keeps failing telling

Status{statusCode=DEVELOPER_ERROR, resolution=null}

I’ve searched for this issue and put sha1 to my firebase console
after getting keystore from expo server.

What should I do more?

By the way, I have already written the same post before. Just fyi.

This is only happening in android though.

the Status{statusCode=DEVELOPER_ERROR, resolution=null} error.

Looks like the problem is related to this one above. I’ve put the sha1 to my firebase console and still happening. Can you guide me for this? I am confused with this because the build is done in your server.

Hi, Ben hope you guys are doing well at Expo. How do you know about the blob support? Because, I don’t see the blob commit ed90309 here.

Hi ben!.

Also what I found out today with the google signin is there is also problem with ios app.

When I do googleSignin the first time with ios app, it works fine. However, when I logout from my app and try login with goole again, suddenly my app freezes and exited right away.

My app users are complaining about this issue and today I was working on it and it is very difficult for me to debug because this is happening in native code…

Can you test this out for me?

Thank you.

from hyochan.

React Native 0.48 has been released and where is the blob support? I am really looking for this one…

@dooboolab any update on this ? were you able to resole this issue ?


No! still suffering and getting bug report all the time from users.