Debugging android native error


How do you guys debug android native errors?
I got a crash report, but I have no ide how to debug it. I tried to find some info in stackoverflow but without success.

Expo has “Error handling” option with Fabric, but will Fabric give me the same crash report as I am geting from google play console? Also I assume that Fabric is going away because google bought it, and I can’t really setup a account.

Here is my nasty crash report from google play console.

Hey @ryszardrzepa

A quick question before I ask around with the team, is your Expo app detached?

My app is not detached

I’m pinging @jesse who can help you take a look at this. Thanks for bearing with us.

This crash report is not that useful i think, its deep in the bowls of android itself.

Did you get anything higher level, like a Java stack trace of the native issue?

nop, I did not get any report in Sentry, just in google play.

It will be kinda hard to debug this with no reproducible case & lack of like application level debugging. Can you try to reproduce it?

I am not sure yet, how to reproduce the issue. I am using react native maps, lottie animations, and I think one of them can be the issue. I will try to dig into it. Basically, my app works really nice on IOS, and android devices I tested (Samsung galaxy 6 edge, Huawei P10).

You can find my app on:

Interesting: So is this S8+ the only device that this crashes on consistently?

@ryszardrzepa Oh this is a fun nice app. Did you use lottie for the done animation?

Not really, I got some crashes today to…
I have to find out what is the best method of fixing native crashes.
This crash report with the java code, is not I am familiar with.

Thanks! @edgar. I used lottie just for loading Pin marker, while waiting for data to be fetched.

it looks like

a component in this lib

is throwing the exception because its getting junk data that it doesn’t like.

I’ll open an issue there

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wow, how did you find out that?
I am using react-native-tab-view, which I think is using “react-native-gesture-handler”

I might be wrong but it was my intuition from looking at that Java stack trace.

Thanks @edgar for tip. Do you think that first screenshot with the crash report can be also related to the /react-native-gesture-handler, or it looks on different issue?

Maybe you could also give a link or a tip how to learn to debug native stack traces?

  1. That particular one is kinda deep in android itself, like libc and the android runtime lib itself. Doesn’t seem to be very useful here.
  2. re debugging native stack traces, like getting to Carnegie Hall, its practice practice practice

I’m sorry but this crash is not related to gesture-handler library. I’ve put more broad explanation on the issue on Github here:


Thanks @kzzzf for the clarifying that /react-native-gesture-handler is not a issue!

ah, sorry about that, thanks!