Target api level 29 app store

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version:38
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all):Android

Trying to publish my new expo app to google play yesterday 03.08.2020 but I got an error That the api level of my app is 28 and i should be 29, I already have read this information on the web but what is the possible urgent solution if I wana release my app now.

Thanks for your help , Urgent please

Hi. The Expo team is working on this. Should be fixed this week for SDK 38 apps.

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Thanks , if I understand there is no other alternative at the moment than waiting?

There are alternatives, but you would have to build it yourself instead of making use of Expo’s build service.

I am not sure how easy/difficult this would be. But I think there are basically two approaches:

  1. Build using turtle-cli
  2. Eject to the Bare workflow

The problem is that I think you’d need to basically make the same changes as in this PR in order for it to work. So the turtle-cli option might not be feasible.

While the changes are pretty minor there are a lot of them and I’m not sure how well they will apply to SDK 38.

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Thanks @wodin I will explore both options

I got a similar message, but deployed my update to the app to production anyway.
As it stands, you can still update existing apps with the current Expo supported google API, but any new apps that you want to deploy to the google play store won’t work.

Unless it is critical, I would suggest just waiting a couple of days until they fix the issue. In my opinion, you will spend about just as much time implementing the changes @wodin posted by the looks of things, as it would take to wait for the fix.


Good point @akumau1

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