Stripe Native crashing on Expo 43 (android)

SDK Version: 43
Platforms: Android

So, on Android, our app is crashing with the following error: Error while updating property cardStyle of a view managed by: CardField

On iOS, it works just fine, it also works fine on Expo 42, so not really sure how to go about this.
The only workaround is to use and only apply styling on iOS.

Attached code snippet and error screenshot below. Please advise

	style={{height: 50, marginBottom: 15}}
	cardStyle={{textColor: '#000', fontSize: 16, backgroundColor: '#eddd00'}}

Nevermind, I’ve just realised the issue is because I was passing #000 as textColor, and it does not know how to parse it. Passing a full HEX (#000000) works just fine.

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