StatusBar style issue between Expo48 and Expo49

Hi there,

i´m using Expo since SDK48 and now i´ve been switched to SDK49.
I have a issue with using the StatusBar style=“light”.
I ´ve checked the docs and followed the introducion but nothing has changed, it is the same doing.

My problem is, i can´t see the Status Bar in light theme, when i use SDK49 .
If i use SDK48 i can see the StatusBar.
If i installed the Expo StatusBar again the SDK49 come´s a terminal issue it expect the version 1.6.0 and installed was the 1.7.1. After i´ve installed the SDK49 project again and installed the StatusBar version 1.6.0 again, i cleaned the chace but nothing has changed.

Maybe someone has an idea what can i made to fix it.

SDK49 Code:

If i used the same code in SDK48 it works perfectly.

Should i have missed something, please apologize.

another screenshot, bacause i can only uploaded on in my post:

And now the screenshot with the SDK48. The Dependencies are the same:

I was able to find out that the problem is related to the routing template. When I create a project without routing, the status bar works fine. I created a new project without routing and implemented it later. When I implemate the routing, new problems appeared. I followed and changed the routing settings and after that I got a routing “match” ERROR. I followed the routing docs correctly.

Android Bundling complete 4861ms
ERROR TypeError: Cannot read property ‘match’ of undefined

This error is located at:
in Tutorial (created by ContextNavigator)
in RNCSafeAreaProvider (created by SafeAreaProvider)
in SafeAreaProvider (created by wrapper)
in RNGestureHandlerRootView (created by GestureHandlerRootView)
in GestureHandlerRootView (created by GestureHandlerRootView)
in GestureHandlerRootView (created by wrapper)
in wrapper (created by ContextNavigator)
in ContextNavigator (created by ExpoRoot)
in ExpoRoot (created by App)
in App (created by withDevTools(App))
in withDevTools(App) (created by ErrorOverlay)
in ErrorToastContainer (created by ErrorOverlay)
in ErrorOverlay
in RCTView (created by View)
in View (created by AppContainer)
in RCTView (created by View)
in View (created by AppContainer)
in AppContainer
in main(RootComponent), js engine: hermes
ERROR TypeError: Cannot read property ‘match’ of undefined

Ok i have fixed with using import { SafeAreaProvider } from “react-native-safe-area-context”;

…rest of the code…

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