Startup Crash on Production

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 36
  2. Platforms(Androidl):

This is what i am getting in the play store.

signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1 (SEGV_MAPERR)

JSC::linkPolymorphicCall(JSC::ExecState*, JSC::CallLinkInfo&, JSC::CallVariant)

backtrace: #00 pc 00000000002a7790 /data/app/-Jr2uBzHuZcaEkZCRVy5yxA==/lib/arm64/ (JSC::revertCall(JSC::VM*, JSC::CallLinkInfo&, JSC::MacroAssemblerCodeRef<(WTF::PtrTag)49594>)+424) #00 pc 00000000002a7574 /data/app= ==/lib/arm64/ (JSC::unlinkFor(JSC::VM&, JSC::CallLinkInfo&)+204) #00 pc 000000000011c9e8 /data/app= ==/lib/arm64/ (JSC::CallLinkInfo::unlink(JSC::VM&)+32) #00 pc 00000000002a1268 /data/app/ ==/lib/arm64/ (JSC::PolymorphicCallNode::unlink(JSC::VM&)+196) #00 pc 000000000012e144 /data/app/ ==/lib/arm64/ (JSC::CodeBlock::unlinkIncomingCalls()+144) #00 pc 000000000056667c /data/app/ ==/lib/arm64/ (JSC::ScriptExecutable::installCode(JSC::VM&, JSC::CodeBlock*, JSC::CodeType, JSC::CodeSpecializationKind)+1096) #00 pc 00000000002a0a94 /data/app/ ==/lib/arm64/ (JSC::JITWorklist::Plan::finalize()+184) #00 pc 00000000002a09a8 /data/app/ ==/lib/arm64/ (JSC::JITWorklist::Plan::compileNow(JSC::CodeBlock*, unsigned int)+196) #00 pc 00000000002a088c /data/app/ ==/lib/arm64/ (JSC::JITWorklist::compileLater(JSC::CodeBlock*, unsigned int)+788) #00 pc 00000000002cbf20 /data/app/ ==/lib/arm64/ (JSC::LLInt::jitCompileAndSetHeuristics(JSC::CodeBlock*, JSC::ExecState*, unsigned int)+244) #00 pc 00000000002cc198 /data/app/ ==/lib/arm64/ (llint_replace+296) #00 pc 00000000002bfb08 /data/app/==/lib/arm64/

nothing we can really do about this, you should investigate what code in your app is leading to this and create a reproducible example

Can i get some hint why i get this JSC::linkPolymorphicCall(JSC::ExecState*, JSC::CallLinkInfo&, JSC::CallVariant

I am quite not sure how should i be debugging this?

i googled it and found this:

someone suggests: " DON’T USE null AS THE source VARIABLE OF Image , it doesn’t work on all devices. :sweat_smile:"

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