standard ios app size problem.

Hi. I have some question.

  1. I made a simple app with expo. But ipa file is over 100Mb in size. I know that includig the other libraries of expo, so file size is big. and deploy app store, everthing is ok. but why is not Android apk file? I already build same app in android, apk file size just 17Mb.

  2. the app is deploy and using in my company. I won’t deploy in the App Store. if the app size change when I build it with an Apple enterprise account?

  3. how can I build app using Apple enterprise account?


Hey @chanho,

  1. Although the .ipa file size is large, the actual download size for users is much smaller. Also, reducing the file size even further is something were working on
  2. I don’t see why the .ipa file size would increase because you used an Apple Enterprise Account
  3. See our docs for Building Standalone Apps

Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks, @charliecruzan

more questions.

  1. you mean, actually getting the size down when the user downloads it? I’ll make a plist file, and user click the download file like this link (

  2. just login apple enterprise account? that’s it?


Happy to help!

  1. No, Apple does something called ‘App Thinning’

  2. Yes, just follow the steps in our docs (which I linked in my first reply)

Thank you :slight_smile:

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