How to reduce the app and ipa size?

Hello, Expo Team.

I build the android and ios using expo build:android and expo build:ios
My sdkVersion is 36.6.0
And expo version is 3.11.7

Then the apk is size 50MB and ipa size is 200MB
This is very huge
How to reduce it?
I saw many forums but can’t find any solution yet.
I’m using the EXPO notification too.

What is the best solution now?
Kind Regards

On android use app bundle, it will still be the same size but play store will split it into separate apk per platform (about 20-25 MB).
On ios ipa is further processed by apple and 200 MB it’s not size that users need to download

If you wan’t to optimize it even further you can eject to bare-workflow and load only modules you are using
(OTA updates are not available yet in bare-workflow)

If I eject to bare-workflow, I don’t use the EXPO push notification. right?

at this point yes, but there is work in progress on OTA and notification support in bare workflow

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