Expo error logs are showing on my standalone app. Did I publish in Dev mode someohow?

Hi for some reason the app I deployed to the app stores is showing up with development style errors. Also some users are reporting the app is slow and sluggish also crashing even though the phone they are using is not that old samsung galaxy s5.

I have since fixed the error causing the log there, but the app still does pop up with errors visible to the user. This is clearly not normal behavior so I wonder if I published it wrong. What’s going on here and how can I fix this?

Thank you!


I just looked at this and it looks like this is just natural. With better code the app won’t do this anyway since it is our error not Expo. Still though. I’m not sure exactly how to fix the sluggishness

Hey @ezinator thanks for writing in, Could you be more specific about what the issue is here? It looks like you were able to solve the issue with your code.

Yea I guess I found out what is wrong. I just thought that my app was running slowly because of I published it in development mode but that is not the case. So I guess the issue is that my app is running slowly still.

I see some notes on react native that say this is possibly because of my FlatLists. Maybe if I use componentShouldUpdate then it will work more smoothly. I dunno, I’m still lost as far as the dev process goes but I dont think it is an expo issue anymore so this is solved