SQLite JSON1 functions on Android

I am using Expo.SQLite on Android.

SELECT doc FROM example_table ORDER BY json_extract(doc, '$.a.b.c') DESC
no such function: json_extract (code 1): , while compiling

The same code works on iPhone with no issues.

SELECT sqlite_version() // "3.19.4"

How can I enable the JSON1 extension for Android?

If its not possible can you add it as a feature request? Considering SQLite is interacting with Javascript, JSON support seems very useful.

Could https://github.com/requery/sqlite-android be integrated into Expo?

Hey @zino this sounds like a real issue.

We may not have the bandwidth to solve this given our other priorities. But if you have the bandwidth feel free to send us a PR https://github.com/expo/expo-sdk

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