Having issues with expo-sqlite application when running on older android phones

  1. SDK Version:
    “expo”: “~47.0.9”,
    “expo-sqlite”: “~11.0.0”,

  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all):
    Android (older phones)

Howdy, we have an application that works great in IOS, the android emulator and modern android phones, and android on Browserstack. But our QA is great and tested it on an older android phone and it doesn’t work.

We’re getting error messages like no such table and no such column when we run our queries.

Is there any additional configuration for older phones that we might have missed. Anyone have any idea where the cutoff between working and failing might be?

I’ve really enjoyed working with sqlite and I’m getting nervous that I might need to do a big refactor to remove it and I’m really hoping we don’t need to do that.

Any suggestions or thoughts welcome

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