snapToInterval in horizontal FlatList does not work in Android device

The “snapToInterval” is set to the item width. works fine in ios and android studio Emulator. but does not work in my Expo client on Android device as the items scroll to the end of the list.
<Animated.FlatList data={insuranceType} keyExtractor={(item) => item.key} showsHorizontalScrollIndicator={false} horizontal contentContainerStyle={{ alignItems: "center" }} snapToInterval={ITEM_SIZE} decelerationRate={0} bounces={false} onScroll={Animated.event( [{ nativeEvent: { contentOffset: { x: scrollX } } }], { useNativeDriver: false } )} scrollEventThrottle={16} renderItem={({ item, index }) => { if (! { return <View style={{ width: SPACER_ITEM_SIZE }}></View>; }

Hey @rakesh8484, this is most likely a react-native issue rather than an expo one. Can you try reproducing the behavior in a vanilla react native project? If it only occurs in an Expo project we can further explore this.