Snack runs on the simulator but not in a real phone

Suddenly an unchanged and stable snack stopped running over the Expo app… All sorts of error messages and it still runs fine on the simulator… Any change on the Expo library or app?

most frequent error message: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating y.hasOwnProperty)… I have no explicit reference to y.hasOwnProperty on my code

Hey @cabteix,

What version of the Expo Client do you have on your phone? If it’s not the latest, can you try updating. Regardless, pinging @thetc for some more insight.



2.9.2 which I understand is the latest… anyway already uninstalled and installed again… no help there

sometimes the error message is "TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating ‘d.NativeModulesProxy’)… the snacks is still running fine on the simulator

I noticed one thing… Oddly enough it shows this error by the “;” at the end of any THIRD “import” statement line of my code!

Fixed by importing Icon from “react-native-vector-icons/MaterialIcons”;

Some change on the Material library… Go figure…

Thanks anyway @adamjnav

Interesting. Glad you got it fixed. Thanks for sharing the solution as well!


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