Issue with importing a react-native lib within snack

Thank you guys for the amazing work on snack!

We are working on a react-native UI components library for Elasticsearch. All the dependencies (some internal) are react-native compatible, yet I’m unable to import the package (@appbaseio/reactivebase-native) within snack. For reference: Snack snippet.

Any idea why this is happening? :sweat_smile:


I tried my luck again today with the import process.

The exact error I see is:

Device: (1069:6932) Failed to install module ‘@appbaseio/reactivesearch-native’: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘r.fetch.bind’) imported from null

However, the same module import works just fine when building in a local environment. Would appreciate any pointers on how to resolve this.

New snack snippet link: ReactiveSearch Snack - Snack

The issue has been resolved. So, I am closing this topic.

For reference, the error was caused by the use of a fetch polyfill.

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