Single click sign in with Facebook for iOS?


Is it possible to fetch information from the system or the Facebook app so the user doesn’t have to enter Facebook credentials with Expo.Facebook.logInWithReadPermissionsAsync? Options look like this:

        permissions: ['public_profile', 'email'],
        behavior: 'web',

On Android, the modal that prompts the user to enter credentials does not appear if the user is already logged in on the phones Facebook app.

Thanks in advance!

The docs are here:

If you do browser instead of web for behavior, it will use an SFSafariViewController which may invoke the Facebook app if you are in a standalone app. Try making a standalone build and seeing if this works. I’m not certain of the current behavior.

Note that there is also a system option which used to use the OS integration but that was removed by Apple in iOS 11+ so unless you haven’t updated your OS, this will end up using the browser.

Thank you! Browser + standalone app did the trick.

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