Should I switch from the managed to bare workflow?

Hey! I’m working on my first Expo & mobile app. As far as I know, I’ll only need to switch to the bare workflow for the in app purchase functionality if it’s not ready for the managed workflow by the time I get to it. ( I’m not up to that yet, but I think I’ll be able to get to that point before the end of 2020.

I’m also using firebase and I saw this thread, which stated that react-native-firebase’s performance was twice as fast as the web sdk. I’m working on a real-time app (a poker game) so maybe this would be important? Is this still true?

Is react-native-firebase enough of an improvement over the web-sdk that it’s worth the time to switch to the bare workflow and use that? If not, should I stick to the managed workflow as long as possible, hoping that in-app purchases will be added to the managed workflow sooner rather than later and stick with the firebase web sdk?

I’d really appreciate any help.

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