Should I detach from expo?

Hello everyone,

I am a computer science student and I am relatively new to react-native and expo. I am in the process of building my app and I am using an expo project. I am building a commercial app for my uni project and I am required to show the progress of my app to my clients throughout the project lifecycle.
I am having difficulty doing so because just to view the expo app I have to connect to expo xde in order to open my app.
Often it gets to a point where I cannot connect to expo due to my connection to the internet.
Despite this, I really like expo because it makes it easy for me to build apps.

I want to know that if I detach from expo and get the expo kit, can I still use the APIs that expo comes with?
I okay with writing native code but in this case and considering the nature of my project, is detaching from expo a sensible thing to do?

You don’t need XDE to load the app when you’re working on it. You can use the command line tool exp.

I like to use exp start --offline

detach is for when there is some native code that you really want but we don’t expose yet.

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Thank you. But even when I run this command and scan the QR code, this is the exception I get - Could not load exp:// - Uncaught error: failed to exp:// I am using the same wifi connection as my phone, but I cannot connect to it. I have tried to debug this by configuring the port on my computer but nothing seems to work for me.

As it seems that I can only run my app through expo XDE.

Is there anything I can do about this issue?

I have same problem