Should app.config.js return a promise?

Hi all! I am testing out the new app.config.js support @bacon added which allows us to have more dynamic and programmatic control over our configs and I have a suggestion.

Take the following case into consideration. I am adding some extra params that define an API_HOST containing a variety of URLs to hosts that are specific to release channels or environments I want to use.

For ‘development’ I want my API host to resolve to my machine’s hostname so I can run the API locally and have my device resolve directly to my machine. However, I cannot use exec from child_process because of the non-async nature of the app.config.js

const util = require('util');
const exec = util.promisify(require('child_process').exec);

module.exports = async function ({ projectRoot, config, mode }) {
  const hostname = await exec('hostname');

  config.extra = {
    API_HOST: {
      development: `http://${hostname}:3000`,
      staging: '',
      production: '',

  return config;

This code :top: is what I would like to do but is not allowed. Error from expo-cli is

Config file /Users/brandon/Dev/JS/goplaysave-mobile-v2/app.config.js cannot return a Promise.

Any chance I may be able to use async/await in future iterations of the app.config.js? I think this would make app.config.js even more powerful.

Maybe my entire approach is off? All suggestions are appreciated!

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