Send silent email?


Sorry if you have a particular format of asking a question, but this is my first time on the Expo forum, and I’ve had a search around and can’t seem to find anything with the specifics of my question, so:

I need to send a feedback email silently from my RN Expo app to a fixed email address, so when the user click SEND it gets sent WITHOUT opening up the email client as this is not what my customer wants.

I inquired into Mailgun, and was told that this was a service they could provide, but now, two weeks before the launch, they’ve just emailed me to say that it’s NOT a service they provide!

Please, for the love of all that’s code and Expo, does anyone know if/how I can SILENTLY send emails from my Expo app to a fixed email address, or, offer any advice on how this might be done by other means.

Thanks either way,


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