App Forever Shared?

Hi everyone. I’m using the Windows Desktop Expo XDE, and when I was just testing out Expo to see what it was about, I noticed there was a “Share” option that lets me type in an email address. While it did indeed share the project to the email, it seems now any new project I ever create or publish, is also being shared to that email.

I’ve logged into my expo account online and I can’t find anywhere where I could remove that email address from receiving every single update/new app I create. Does anyone know how to stop sharing everything with that email address?

This is a little bit of a confusing interface. We are rolling out a new version soon!

But in the meantime, you can get rid of a value here by going into $HOME/.expo/state.json and changing the value of "sendTo" from your e-mail address to "".

It might also be less complicated to just put in to the e-mail address field through the interface.

Sorry this is confusing!

Hey thanks for the reply! In no way did I mean to sound unappreciative, I’ve been absolutely loving using Expo so far, you guys are doing a fantastic job.

Sorry I’m not quite sure how to go into “$HOME/.expo/state.json”, I’m on Windows, maybe those directions are for Mac?

Not sure I understood the less complicated bit… Are you saying I need to add that email address? Does it replace the current email address?.. and if so, does that mean there is only 1 email address you can use at a time?

Thanks again!

$HOME just meant your home directory, wherever that is.

To do the easier method, I was just saying, put in an email address that won’t go to you in the field, replacing your own email address. I suggested If you share to that address, then it shouldn’t share things to your own email address anymore. Does that make sense?

Got it! Thanks Charlie

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