Segment install on managed expo and Mixpanel support


so it seems like this might become the official segment plugin for expo but I’m confused about 2 things.

  1. in the installation instructions it mentions this two things for ios and android install
  • Do I need to run these to be able to install segment on expo because i’m running on a managed expo project and can’t those commands and don’t have access to those files?
  • Do I need to eject my project to be able to install segment?
  1. I don’t see anything about support for mixpanel but segment had support for mixpanel already in it in the past? Does this still support it but just doesn’t mention it?

Thank you

in the Analytics for React Native | Segment Documentation (1st version) Mixpanel is mentioned and supported. Not sure if this is carried over to v2.

Still not sure if it support managed expo install