Appsflyer integration with Expo

Is it possible to use Appsflyer with expo? They have react native SDK - GitHub - AppsFlyerSDK/appsflyer-react-native-plugin: AppsFlyer plugin for React Native

@alaminopu I also want to integrate this to my Expo project. Did you get the answer?

@deegha @alaminopu same let me know!

@vaibhavverma9 No, didn’t get any answer. You can follow the thread here -

Currently, we are using Branch instead of AppsFlyer.

Did you think about using Segment @alaminopu? It seems like if you implement Segment, then you don’t have to eject from managed flow in order to use Appsflyer.

Segment is good for event tracking. You can send data from segment to any destination. But if you want app attribution, I don’t think you can do it with segment.

any news on this? we would like to integrate appsflyer on our app, but ejecting would be harmful to our workflow at this point

we aren’t working on this specific feature, instead we’re working on making it possible to include arbitrary native plugins in managed apps. you can read more on this in the “Expo managed workflow in 2021” blog post – please note that, as the blog post explains, this isn’t ready yet but will come later in 2021.

Hi. Do you use Branch with Expo managed workflow? If so, would you be so kind to share how to do it? I tried a number of options. Nothing works so far. Many thanks for considering my request.

Has anyone successfully got this working? We have been having a terrible experience with Branch and are looking to switch. We think that we can do it with dev client and a config plugin without having to eject.

Would love to hear if anyone has gone that route or found another way to integrate Appsflyer. Thanks!