SecureStore Limitations

I will build an app that will have 2 Features

  • Store a unique secret that will never leave the Device
  • Store a secret that has to be backed up

For the first Feature, I would choose the following native API’s

  • Android: Keystore
  • iOs: Secure Enclave

For the second Feature, I would choose the following

  • Android: KeyValue Backup
  • iOs: Keychain Services

Now when I look at the Documentation of Expo’s [SecureStore][5] I can see, that they use Keychain Services for iOs and the Keystore for Android. This is a Problem for me, because for my features I need to differentiate between a store that is backed up and a store that will never leave the device.

So my questions are:

Did I pick my native API’s wrong, or missunderstood something?

Is there another Expo API I can use or does Expo simply not support what I need?

(As I am a new user in this forum I can only have 2 Links in my post. I have also posted the same question on StackOverflow with links to the native apis )

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