How to get access to SecureStore from different devices

I want to store all usernames and passwords in SecureStore so that a user that wants to log in to his account from different devices he will be able to do so, i.e. I want that the SecureStore will be accessible from different devices like a server.
Is there any way to connect to SecureStorage remotely? like DB or server?

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expo-secure-store works on the device where the app is installed, as stated in the documentation:

expo-secure-store provides a way to encrypt and securely store key–value pairs locally on the device. Each Expo project has a separate storage system and has no access to the storage of other Expo projects. Please note that for iOS standalone apps, data stored with expo-secure-store can persist across app installs.
iOS: Values are stored using the keychain services as kSecClassGenericPassword. iOS has the additional option of being able to set the value’s kSecAttrAccessible attribute, which controls when the value is available to be fetched.
Android: Values are stored in SharedPreferences, encrypted with Android’s Keystore system.
Size limit for a value is 2048 bytes. An attempt to store larger values may fail. Currently, we print a warning when the limit is reached, but in a future SDK version, we may throw an error.

First thanks for your extensive answer!

Now if I got you right, what you say is a great news because if my app is going to be a stand alone app, the data will be accessible from other devices i.e. I will be able to login to my app from my phone and then go to my friend’s phone, download the app to his device and login from his phone.

Is that correct?