Sdk 36 - No assets in production build

Hi !

I recently ejected my app to Expokit, everything is working, except that when I build the APK, I don’t have any assets in my app except splash and logo.

  • I didn’t upgraded gradle from android studio (it asked me but I declined).
  • My app.json contain publishBundlePath and publishManifestPath (and assets paths are present in these files, but I can’t find files in android project)

I tried to reproduce with a clean project, so I inited a new expo project, then I ejected to expokit. But the same problem happened :confused:
Here is the repo :

I am not really familiar with ejected apps, so maybe I made a mistake

Thank you for your help !

I fixed the problem with :
" expo bundle-assets --platform android --dest ./android/app/src/main/assets "

And I also ran “npx expo-optimize”, but I don’t think it has changed anything ^^