SDK 23: Only white screen on Android

I recently upgraded to SDK 23 and all I can see now is a white screen. The splash screen’s background color is also gone and has been replaced by white color.


Experiencing the same issue on detached app on Android. iOS splash screen works fine.

Did you solve this problem with white screen? I have the same issue and no idea how to fix it.

hi @rajat1saxena, @andrey, @ybaa, would it be possible for you to post a snack of a simplified version of your code that has this blank screen problem? it would go a long ways in root causing this. Sorry for the inconvenience

I’ve just created Expo project, added splashscreen to app.json and detached the project. Launch Android app - white screen instead of the one specified in app.json.

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Thanks! Looks like this is an ongoing issue we are tracking too. We are working on it!

In my case the problem is more complex. I’ve been working on my project for a couple of months and everything was great - I had green loading screen with logo. But one dayI wanted to open my project by expo client app on Android and then the green background changed into white but logo was still there. I decided to build .apk and check it on phone but in this case there was only white screen without logo. I didn’t modified the code of app.json so I have no idea what is wrong - a day before it was working with the same code. My app is to big to simplify the code now.

Have you tried downloading an Android update that was released last week? ( It should fix the white screen issue, let me know if it does not help


THANK YOU SO MUCH! It works now :smiley: