SDK 23 : Barcode/QR Code Scanner not working on Android

I moved to expo v23 and immediately noticed few issues with the update.

One of the major ones is that the QR code scanner has stopped working completely on android devices, on iOS its fine.

I cannot see the scanner in the expo app itself, neither does it work when I use it as a component inside of my application.

The App does as for permissions but after that, its a black screen.

Thanks for the report - we’re tracking the issue here and this is a high priority fix for us.

@harshmaur Just had the same issue and an update to expo-sdk 23.0.4 fixed it for me. From looking at the commits, they rolled the Beacon Scanner for android back to using the older version. It might work for you too. (Just in case you’re still waiting for the fix)

Yes, I had upgraded to a newer version few days ago and it worked. Thanks!