The Qr code for my android is not working.

The Qr code for my Android is not working.
It’s not working in not only Expo client app but also RN apps developed using Expo.
What’s the reason.

I installed the Expo client app of version 2.5.0 on my Android phone.
Clicked “Scan QR Code” and then scanned for QR codes, but there is no further advance. No Changes anymore.
So I installed a new app called “QR Code Reader” on my android phone and scanned the QR Code, which works well.

Hi! I’m not sure I understand what problem you are having. Could you explain more about what’s wrong and what you’re trying to accomplish?

Also, could you maybe upload a picture of the view of the QR code on your computer from your phone’s camera?

Hi, Thanks for your response.

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