ScrollView cropping last element in Compiled Android


I’ve a Component with a ScrollView and several items inside, this items are basically views composed by a title text, an image and a timestamp.

When i’m using the expo SDK with expo start -c everything works great on my phone (Android Oreo) but when i compile the app using expo build android, install it on my phone and change the orientation to landscape the last element of the list is cut by half, i cant scroll down anymore like if there is no more content, but in portrait it shows perfect.

I’ve tried to create a snack with my code, in the snack everything works well because it is running on an emulator, the bug happens only in COMPILED apks, here is my snack:

I dont know if im doing something wrong or it’s a known bug but i appreciate any help because i cant see any error and i’ve already tried several things, like using a FlatList instead ScrollView with the same result.

Thanks a lot

I’ve put together a simpler example:

As you can see the last 3 sections of the scroll view should be white, green and black but when you put the phone in ladscape you can’t see the black section and the green appears cropped.

Remember this bug only happens when you build the android APK and install it on a device.

Here are two images of how looks the end of the ScrollView in landscape and portrait


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