Requesting getExpoPushTokenAsync throws exception

SDK version 36
Platform Android

When building an Expo app and installing for the first time, If you disconnect the WIFI/Data and detect a connection change by using NetInfo.addEventListener to get networkState.isInternetReachable. Once a connection is reachable you can press a button and request getExpoPushTokenAsync however it just throws an exception until you soft close/Fully close the app and reopen from the phone menu with internet connection from the start. Is there a way to getExpoPushTokenAsync and get the token without having to close the app after a connection is established. I have looked for hours on the forums and Stackoverflow with no Joy! I must also say that it already has permission granted using the Expo latest docs example.

I have tried to wrap in a setTimeout to see if it was a change detection issue or delay.

Running this when connection is reachable after it previously wasn’t
Produces the Exception in the uploaded Image

Please can you advise

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