Removed 'Scan QR-code' in Expo client app?

In the latest update of Client Expo app for iOS I can no longer scan QR codes. And I can only open apps for the user I logged in with. Is this the desired state?

Hey @anderslundsgard,

We recently had to make some changes to the iOS Expo Client app. You can read more in detail here:



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@anderslundsgard I’m just gonna leave this here on my desk and look away… :drooling_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Aha, ok thanks for info!

@bacon so it’s just disabled on the iOS client but we can still open the url directly with a QRCode scaned with another app?

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Correct, the QR code corresponds to a link with the exp:// suffix, when a link like that is opened your phone will deep link you into expo. You can only open your own projects though…

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