Reloading on Development when redirects back to app from Google

I’m developing an app that uses Google Authentication and expo-auth-session.

On Development Mode, on Expo Go, when a run my app, and clicks on Google button, the app sends me to google auth API, on a browser, but when the API send me back to the app, the app reloads and can’t get the Google data. Has anyone ever experienced this?

Hi @mateusfg7

I think you’ll have more luck if you create a development build and use that instead of Expo Go.

With Expo Go, it has a bundleID/package of host.exp.exponent instead of your bundleID/package. If you create a development build it can use your real bundleID/package.

See also the info about the proxy: What does for you

I haven’t used expo-auth-session myself, though, so I might be missing something.

Thanks for the answer, I created a development build, and the problem persists. Maybe the problem is with my device. I will do some test with another device.