Release APK in bare project with unimodules

I have a bare project and working fine in both iOS (dev + release) and Android (dev + release). Then I wanted to include expo-av in the project. Hence, added unimodules together with expo-file-system. It is working fine in iOS (dev + release) and Android (dev on physical devices). However, when I generate a release apk and run on physical device, the app crash upon start and won’t start. Saw the following error logs in Flipper and hope someone can give suggestions on how to solve it. I followed set up from unimodules guide and expo-av guides and hence, the project is running on Android (dev) and iOS (dev + release).

Sorry, if this is not the expo’s issue. Appreciate if anyone who has faced the same issue can give some guidance. Thanks.

The release build is successful and installed on the device. I used react-native run-android --variant=release command and it was successful but in the Flipper, it shows following crash report upon start.

Found the issue. Sorry for wrong reporting. The issue was because of a change in Sentry. I updated the sentry and it broke the codes.

No worries @aungmt. Happy to hear you found the culprit. No need to apologize…sometimes it helps to get thoughts out of your head and into text.

Good luck with your project moving forward!