'react-native-video-processing' link problem in ejected(Expokit)

hello after detaching from expo to expo-kit the way to add native modules are different ? i tried for 4 days and couldn’t link ‘react-native-video-processing’ not in IOS and not in android .

Hey @nasserparooei,

Have you already followed the instructions given over at our docs for installing native dependencies after ejecting to Expo Kit?

Hi, in the docs its explained very brief, and the module that I need to use ‘react-native-video-processing’ it dosent support react-native-link , I searched a lot and I couldn’t find an article which shows how to link this library or something similar to EXPOKIT , so can you give a reference to an article or youtube video for that?

Finally I was able to link the library react-native-voice for both android and iOS in ejected expo app, i have linked the react-native-video-processing for android, but no luck in iOS can Any one help?

Can you please share on how were you able to link this library for Android?