React Native version in package.json

In package.json the “react-native” dependency points to a tar.gz file on Exponent’s github:

"react-native": ""

What is the update schedule of this, and how do we know which version of facebook’s react-native package it corresponds to?

Hello! The mappings are available programmatically, should you need that for some reason, here:

I also added this table and some information about the release/update cycle in the Expo SDK docs:

It’s worth noting that the Expo client is backwards compatible as well, so when SDK 15 is released, SDK 14 projects will continue working for quite some time (until usage drops extremely low and we prune it from the client to save bytes). You can read more about the Expo client works here.

Let me know if you have any further questions!

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Nice one!
Thanks very much for the quick response and adding that table to the docs!
I’m loving Expo - keep up the great work!

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