Custom SDK version

  1. SDK Version: 36
  2. Platforms: Android/iOS

Is there any official way to use the maintenance release version in my Expo application?
For example, I would like to use expo version 36.0.2 instead of version 36.0.0.

The latest SDK is
The latest version of the expo npm package is 36.0.2.

So what you can do is change the react-native dependency to and then run expo install expo.

After that, if you run expo diagnostics in the root directory of your app you should see something like this:

  Expo CLI 3.11.7 environment info:
      expo: ^36.0.2 => 36.0.2 
      react: 16.9.0 => 16.9.0 
      react-native: => 0.61.4 
      react-navigation: ^4.1.0 => 4.1.0 
      expo-cli: 3.11.7

Thanks, everything you wrote is understandable to me. However, I have a small problem, CLI only allows the following SDK versions:

Error: Invalid sdkVersion. Valid options are 7.0.0, 8.0.0, (…), 32.0.0, 33.0.0, 34.0.0, 35.0.0, 36.0.0

My current settings (package.json)

  • "expo": "^36.0.2",
  • "react-native": "",

What should I set in the sdkVersion field, in the app.json file?

As far as I know your sdkVersion in app.json should stay 36.0.0.

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This is probably not enough, but thank you for your help! :blush:

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