React Native expo - Apple and Google Pay

Hi All,

We are planing to build hybrid app using React Native expo for apple and Android users. I would like to know if React Native expo component to support Apple and Google Pay.

Can you please some one confirm and share the documents if any.


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Hey @sar762009,

We have payment modules but they would require ejecting and using ExpoKit. Here are the docs:



Hi Adam,

Thank you for your response. Would like to confirm if ejecting with ExpoKit will supports phone native features like access Camera, Contacts import, maps, calendar, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Access user current location and touch/face id authentication] for IOS and Android.

And through expo client i am sharing my app update with team, So I can do the same with ejecting with ExpoKit also correct?

Appreciate your time and help.


When ejecting with ExpoKit all the features from normal expo project will still work as normal. When you eject, the app won’t work with the Expo app anymore, so I suggest you build a test app on TestFlight/ Google Play internal test and you can push the OTA update to those builds

Thank you, will test it.

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