Questions about Google authentication

First some background: I have been trying to create an android and ios app with expo which allows users to sign in using google. I was doing this from within the expo client and testing it on my android device using Google.logInAsync(). When I try to test this with a built ipa uploaded to test flight, I got the following error: Custom scheme URIs are not allowed for ‘WEB’ client type. After digging into this a bit, I discovered that there is now a seperate GoogleSignIn library which allows native sign in.

According to the docs:

In the Expo Client app, you can only use browser-based login (this works very well actually because it re-uses credentials saved in your system browser). If you build a standalone app, you can use the native login with the package expo-google-sign-in .

Can i use non native login in a standalone app? Or do i have to use browser based from within expo and native login for standalone apps? If i can use browser based login from a standalone app, how do i fix the “Custom scheme URIs are not allowed for ‘WEB’ client type”.

After Google login working fine for many months while developing the app, i suddenly find myself unable to push to production. I would be extremely grateful if someone could clarify this change.

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