Push notifications tickets, ids missing

I’m using the expo-server-sdk-node, and testing the example posted on github, which puts the different tickets in an array after the push notification, which I am getting on the phone (double thumbs up for simplicity).
The problem I am facing, is that I am no getting the id of the ticket, only the { status: ‘ok’ }.
I wonder what can I do, because in this situation I cannot check the receipts.

Note: I have waited for 20 minutes to see if that got somehow updated, but obviously it didn’t.
Note2: I didn’t find other thread with this issue


Hi Giancarlo, have you heard anything new on this issue? I am also not getting the “id” key in the response - I wonder if documentation is out of date…

Bump! I’m also getting this issue.

I’ll report back here if I can confirm that the tickets with missing ids are in fact being delivered, in which case it may be safe to ignore?

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No, I have not heard anything, but since I’ve been only testing with a friend on a uni project I have not had time to do real testing. What I don’t get is that they say that I should check on receipts, maybe { status: ok } means that I can safely ignore them as you (ehren) said.

I’m also getting this issue. It happens even when calling the api directly, so not an issue with expo-server-sdk-node. Seems like these docs are incorrect.

Can Expo team comment on this?

The legacy Android notification system does not send back receipt IDs. Configuring your Expo project with your FCM credentials will use the modern notification system: https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/guides/using-fcm.

The Push Notification docs say:

Note: For Android, you’ll also need to upload your Firebase Cloud Messaging server key to Expo so that Expo can send notifications to your app. This step is necessary unless you are not creating your own APK and using just the Expo Client app from Google Play. Follow the guide on Using FCM for Push Notifications to learn how to create a Firebase project, get your FCM server key,and upload the key to Expo.


Thank you! Makes sense now.

I thought I properly read the documentation, it seems I didn’t :smile:
Thanks ide! :wink:

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