Expo push notification service (with expo-server-sdk-node)

All the tests was made on an application in dev mode.
Expo Client, on Android device (8.1).
Expo SDK 30.0.0
Push Notification with a node server, with expo-server-sdk-node (3.0.1), with FCM

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to update my application related to the high number of recent modifications about expo push notification service. During my tests, I noted some questions / problems that I may encountered (I don’t know if that was some problems, or if I misunderstood some stuff)

If I understood well, we first send a notification send requirement to the expo server. Then the expo server tell us if it had received well the requests (send us push tickets). In theses tickets, we have IDs (or not, if there was a problem), to identify our notifications. And after that, we can ask the status of theses notifications by sending theses IDs through an other request.

Now, what I noted during my tests, and questions I ask myself :
1- If I disable all internet connection on my registered device, and I send a notification to it (APIURL/push/send), the first call returns me a status OK. I mean it’s ok, Expo server received well my demand.
After that, I ask for the status of the notification (APIURL/push/getReceipts), and it returns OK too.
I turn back on internet connection on my device, and I receive nothing.
So, Is there really asynchronous notifications send ? And why the second call tells me that my notification has been sent ?

2- If I uninstall the expo client on my device, and after that I send quickly some notifications to it, i’m a little bit confused about results.
First results are all OK status (from push/send calls and also from push/getReceipts calls). Seems fine cause there is probably a little bit of reaction time during the uninstall action and the fact that FCM learn it. But at one moment, results are all errors, from the “APIURL/push/send” call (with de DeviceNotRegistered message).
Is it normal ? Or should I rather receive an OK result for “APIURL/push/send” call and an error result for “APIURL/push/getReceipts” for some notifications?

3- Same issues as 2 when I disable “notifications” for the expo client application. (when re-enable after tests, nothing more appends. No notifications are received either)

I really tried to figured out if I was wrong at some point, but even after reading several times documentations, I didn’t manage to understand truely the expo push notification service.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I suspect there’s some bug with the client. When the server says OK in the receipt, that means FCM received the notification and there’s nothing more for the server to do.

Yeah I suspected also some bugs with Expo Client and the fact that my tests were in dev mode, but I wanted to know if someone else encountered theses problems before starting my tests with the APKed app :slight_smile:

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