Push Notifications strange behaviour

This is related to Android Standalone not tested on IOS yet

  1. App was not open, and then opened by selecting the push notification
    Notifications.addListener fires with origin === ‘selected’.
    Sentry.captureMessage sends message to Sentry
  2. App is open and foregrounded
    Notifications.addListener fires and shows Push notification. But if I press Push notification: nothing happens! (Why?)
  3. App is open and backgrounded:
    Notifications.addListener probably fires because I can execute app logic. However Sentry.captureMessage does nothing.
    Also If I press Push notification, The app is foregrounded but nothing happens, (How do I suppose to handle it?)

After testing it more I found that this issue happens only if the app was first opened via push notification. If you open app via Home icon, the flow works as expected.

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