Push Notifications Seem to be Sending -- but I don't get anything

Hi all,

I stupidly built my backend with firebase before I realized it can’t handle push notifications in conjunction with expo. So, I also built a rails backend purely to handle pushes. (The app I’m building is just for a class project, so it will never have a large enough user base for this to be an issue.) The idea is, we hit firebase for the token, post the token and message to the rails server, and then Expo sends the push. That all seems to be working–but no notification shows up on my simulator. Am I missing something? Do I need to bundle & eject & run on a real phone before the notification will show up? Any advice would be much appreciated.

I’ve attached some code snippets and a snippet of the server logs showing that the POST request is received and everything looks fine. (Remember, I post the token to the backend, so I don’t need to grab it off my rails server. Hence no need for a lookup or create call.)

And on the frontend:

Any advice? Thanks a lot!

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hello! can you make sure that push token matches what you see in let token = await Notifications.getExponentPushTokenAsync();?


The simulator doesn’t get push notifications. This is just a limitation of the simulator unfortuantely!

To test push notifications, you’ll have to use a real device. This isn’t an Expo thing; it’s just an Apple thing.


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oops good catch charlie! I should read better

yup, got it working on device. Thanks all!

what of local notifications? I can’t see local notifications on the simulator either with expo

Same deal. The simulator just doesn’t do notifications. You’ll have to test them on a physical device. Again, just an apple/iOS simulator thing, not something about Expo.