Push notifications not working on standalone app (Android)

Hi everyone,

  1. SDK Version: 37.0.12
  2. Platforms(Android):

I am facing a problem, when I am running an app through expo client app, PushNotifications works. After expo build: android app install on android device ExpoPushToken is not generating.


Hey @manikantasai,

There’s a github issue open regarding this that I replied to. I wasn’t able to reproduce it on my end when I created a test project so if you have any more information that would be great.


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I linked my project to FCM using expo push:android: upload --api-key . Problem solved.

Thanks @adamjnav

Glad to hear that helped! Is there any way we could have made it easier for you to know that you had to set up FCM to get push notifications to work on Android standalone apps?

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