Push notification when publish app on Play Store and Apple Store

Hello everyone! I’m developing a chat app both for IOS and Android. I understand the push notification section of Expo. I have chosen to develop the app in a managed way. I have two questions:

  1. do I have to request the Expo token (registration phase) every time the user opens the app or wants to send a notification to someone else? Or can I do it only once for each user? (maybe checking my server if I haven’t already registered the token for him).

  2. When I publish the app on the PlayStore and on the Apple Store, will the push notification mechanism stop working? What is the sense of having this mechanism working only if I use expo go?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @giuliofederico, you’ll want to register each time an authenticated user opens the app and save the token value to your backend as tokens can change though not often.

Notifications will continue to work when your apps are on the app store. For Android you will need to follow this guide to configure FCM Using FCM for Push Notifications - Expo Documentation to enable them to work outside of Expo Go.


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Very clear. Thanks!

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