Push Notification error gcm token

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version:36.0.0
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all):Android

in my setup i’m using expo push notification
i’ll read the documents. and do it carefully but i get an error could not get gcm token on your device
then i read fcm documents and upload server key as an fcm key token
then build my app
but it can’t generate expoToken
can u plzzzz help me

I have the same problem, on IOS work fine, make the same things and in some devices the token is generate fine but cant send notificactions, in other devices show this error

[Unhandled promise rejection: Error: Couldn’t get GCM token on device.]

So im in the same thing, not works on Android.

In the device that generate the token test into firebase send a notification and works, so i dont understand what happen

The problem is with the last expo-cli version 37.x.x
and expo client app in android.

If you configure your project whith expo 36 and expo-cli app 2.14.0 working fine.

The bug is reported and is only in android. If you want like use the last version need configure FCM.

Same here

2.15.1 released with

Fix issues when fetching push notifications token

Add support for Expo SDK 37

this fixes and on IOS its working good on test but i dont know standalone any one else tried for standalone?

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