Publishing App does not update with new JS on subsequent publishing (SOLVED, but with further suggestion.....)

I’ve been having trouble publishing subsequent updated versions of an app I’ve been creating. No matter how many time I publish the app or if I change the version number, the old version is still there.

I know that you can update the slug and create a new publication that way, but that isn’t ideal, I’d like my testers to simply open the original published app and see the changes.

To recreate the issue,
-create a new project in expo (I chose a tabbed project)
-publish the project, and open the project on a device…
-change some text in the HomeScreen.js file
-then publish again, in the expo app clear the history reopen the app using QR or link
-No changes

UPDATE! So I managed to see the changes by manually closing Expo Completely then opening the app, but also waiting about 15mins, I’m not sure which solved my problem.

Can I suggest you have a date/time published in the Expo Page for the App, and some indication that the is something being processed before app is fully available? It’ll save time trying to find a solution to something that is not technically is bug.

Many thanks! Otherwise fantastic work, the Expo ecosystem work brilliantly!

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