provide "content-available" property in expo notification for ios background tasks to executed

  1. Expo SDK Version: 4.22
  2. Expo-notification SDK Version: 3.7
  3. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): iOS

I am using expo notification node sdk to generate notifications for my App. I would like to set badge count for ios whenever a notification is received on device. To be able to do so when app is in background, I have used Background-Notification-Task as explained in expo documentation.

But, the background task is not working in ios.
I found in the expo documentation that we need to pass ‘content-available’ = 1 for background task to execute properly in ios.

The problem is, I am not able to find any such property specified in expo notification node sdk documentation which we can set while generating the notification.

Can anyone guide me about how to provide this property to get the background task running in ios?

Please help.
Thanks in advance.

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