PropType Validation on Snack

Hello World,

On , I’m trying to validate count in the ‘Count.js’ file. I’m using a static method to validate if count is a number. When I’m exporting it to ‘App.js’ and passing a string as count , I’m expecting to receive a warning(yellow box at the bottom of the phone screen). However, this doesn’t happen.

Here’s my code: No warning for incorrect proptype - Snack

Any help regarding what I’m doing wrong would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.

This looks like it might be a snack bug. I suggest you create an issue at Issues · expo/expo · GitHub with the details.

If I export the project and run it locally on my machine then I do get the yellow box warning.

Thanks wodin. I’m a bit relieved to know I might not be doing it wrong as I spent hours debugging this.

I’ve posted the issue here: Snack Bug regarding PropType Validation? · Issue #18 · expo/snack · GitHub

Hi, I see I sent you to the wrong repository. I should have sent you to the snack-web repository.
I’ve just found this issue there which looks basically the same as yours:

Thanks for the find. I’m just seeing this reply and have already created a new issue in the snack-web repository. I hope it isnt against the rules and will be fixed soon.

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