Proper workflow with git?


What is the proper way to setup an expo project that can be developed on multiple computers / team members?

I have a project that I have been developing on one of my osx boxes and it works fine on there. Then I have checked out the code on one of my PCs and it works fine there. But on my main PC I can’t get it to work, and when I look up the error message I get I get hits from like 2018 which seem to indicate an old version of react or some component. I highly doubt this is actually the problem, but instead some setup issues with different versions of the tools or something?

What should my gitignore be like? What tools do I need to ensure have the same version on all computers? What commands do I use to ensure this?

I would expect to be able to setup a project on one computer, push it to github and then on another computer just clone it and it works.

Any help much appreciated.


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